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Autodesk Maya Advanced 3D Animation

Autodeks Maya, An advanced 3D animation software used by all award winning Film Studio's, Game Studio's & Artists around the world for creating stunning artworks. Autodesk Maya provides a user friendly interface and powerful tools to bring artists concepts and animation story telling into reality. Our Autodesk Maya Advance animation course is a ideal for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the COOL 3D industry and make mark of themselves or as beginners who are looking to explore new career options in the 3D animation industry. We provide special attention to our students in production based training to gain industry standard workflow, practices and production skills from highly skilled Mentors & faculties who have over many years of professional industry experience.

Autodesk Maya Course Modules
3D modeling & Texturing

3D modeling is an art of constructing 3D models with Autodesk Maya's powerful Polygon and NURBS modeling tools. Students are trained to create anything from simple objects to complicated spaceships. Maya offers range of deformation and sculpting tools to edit and deform objects to get desired result. 3D models are assets for any animation scene. We teach students to do hard surface modeling ( Props objects) and organic modeling ( Human characters, Aliens, Animals etc..) for creating assets for their individual projects. Once the 3d model has been completed you have to make the models look real, To do that models have to be unwrapped for applying texturing with shaders and materials, which will give the 3D models look and real feel to it. Students get to learn how to create simple to complex shader network with this modules.

Rigging & Animation

Once the 3D models are textured, the textured models have to be rigged in-order to be animate. Rigging is a process where set of controls are created and assigned to modeled objects and that controls are used to animate objects or deform objects. Once the rigging modules are completed students learn the art of creating animations from their rigged 3d models. Learn the 12 principles of animation, acting, storytelling through animations, keyframe animation, Editing animations with Maya's Curve Editor etc...

Dynamics Simulation

Create stunning particle effects, cloth simulations, Fire, Smoke & Blast effects inside Autodesk Maya

Lighting & Rendering

Creating lights inside Autodesk Maya and lit up the modeled scene for creating stunning visual effects, Add volumetric lights and shadows to enhance mood of the scene. We teach Maya's software & Mentalray Rendering engine for creating film quality visual effects.

Match Moving & Camera Tracking

In order to overlay 3D elements which have been created inside Autodesk Maya on top of a live video footage, the live video footage has to be tracked and create tracking points to generate a camera that moves and matches the perspective of the live video footage. Students will learn this technique with Match moving & camera tracking features inside Maya and to overlay animations or objects on live footage like they do in Hollywood films.

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Course Details

Course Duration 7 months

Software Autodesk MAYA