Velammal Enigneering College Industrial Visit at ARENA PORUR

We at Arena Porur gave a live Adobe Photoshop Workshop session and a  Seminar on Design, Animation & Web for Velammal Engineering College students.

Growth of animation industry in India – An outlook


2014 saw the value of Visual FX grow the highest at 22%, followed by post-production at 15%, animation production at 9% and animation services at 1%. An overall 13% growth from Rs 39.7 billion in 2013 to Rs 44.9 billion in 2014 was majorly due to some positive changes that came about last year. The animation industry witnessed a major box office success in Chaar Sahibzaade that earned Rs 33 crores in India and the release of the first film shot with photorealistic performance capture technology Kochadaiiyaan helped to spread the awareness too. Of the 10 Oscar nominated films, six movies had some part of VFX done in India.

Slowly, Indian animation production houses are realising the importance of developing their own IPs rather than just depend on outsourced projects from Hollywood & other countries. However, consumption of animated feature films has been low with not many projects recovering production cost. In 2014,Kochadaiiyaan and Mighty Raju Rio Calling failed to make a taste success at the box office but Chaar Sahibzaade did exceptionally well.

Made by Harry Baweja, Chaar Sahibzaade has made record collections for an animation film conceived and made in India. It also won a special award at the FICCI Frames BAF Awards 2015. The report has a case study about the movie, which took nearly five years to create at a budget of about Rs 20 crores and raked in Rs 65 crores globally with 45 per cent coming from overseas territories.

“The demand for animation content in India seems to be multiplying steadily over the last few years, following the success of international releases in India. The box office collection of these international films in India is minuscule when compared to overall collections, but the numbers are surely encouraging. The performance of movies like How to Train Your Dragon 2, Rio 2, Inside out, proves that there is definitely a potential market for animated films in India which is yet to be explored,” states the report.

On the kids entertainment channels in India, domestic animation constitutes only 13 per cent of the content while majority is dominated by US made shows. However, the run time of Indian made series has been increased for popular ones such as Motu Patlu on Nick and Kisna on Discovery Kids. The viewership trend shows that the kids of today are increasingly inclined towards local content & another popular study states that five out of the top 10 popular characters are created by Indian studios including Chhota Bheem, Hattori, Motu, Patlu and Kid Krish.

Green Gold Animation founder and CEO Rajiv Chilaka says “The Indian animation industry is going through the transformation, where producers are aiming at the key international markets with big budgets and high quality content. The path to international success lies in producing good quality films with smaller budgets of Rs 6 crores to Rs 10 crores for the local market and then tying up with an international distribution agency,”.

The animation industry which is growing steadily over the last decade, has actually entered into an important phase. With the manpower skills & technological advancements in the field growing steeply in the last few years, India is fast becoming the most popular destination for providing animation services and content.



Arena Porur, Students Works

Referencing for 3D content creation

Reference is the art of applying real life movements, anatomy, textures and structures to 3D production. There is not a single fantasy creature, object or character without a basis in real life. You might think that a wired cartoon character is created out of fiction by the artist but it is not. Artists observe things in a very different perspective than others. Whether designing a concept for a human, structure or texturing a finished model, reference plays an important role in great 3D art. It helps artists to nail proportions, anatomical structure, texture and material attributes and movements in animation. In creating 3D art for advertising, reference allows for the successful recreation of products in a 3D environment.
A 3D modeler should have good eye for proportions of objects, anatomy reference for modeling characters and good eye for texturing models they create. If a modeler is modeling a human character for a production, then he might know the human body’s proportion and anatomy to archive realistic features and details such as skin pores, wrinkles, muscles, knuckles, nail etc..
Animators in general have to be good actors, since they have to bring in the emotion and acting out of the characters they animate to make the audience hold on to their seats. Animators shoot video of themselves performing the action involved in the shot which they have to animate and then use the video footage as reference to create animation. this also helps them to go further and exaggerate.
Lighting and rendering Artist take referencing from how light particles interacts in real world. It is pure physics, when a light particle from a source hits a surface or an object and how it scatters when it hits the object and the scattered light particles multiples and this chain reaction happens until the light particle fades off. These basic principles and techniques are applied in 3d applications to archive realism in the production.
Before starting any project, getting reference is important as it gives a better idea about how everything will look or the style of art your trying to archive. A storyboard of film is the reference for all the artists involved in a production. Studios use the storyboard as bible for their projects. With a detailed storyboard, 30% of work in that project is completed. Such is the importance of reference in production process.

Arena Animation Porur

Welcome to Arena Animation Porur!We are newest center in Chennai with all new and latest hardware equipments, as well as latest software. This fully air-conditioned facility provides each classroom with high end computers with Hi-def TV monitors for classroom teaching, mini theatre like presentation room and a lab with latest servers and 4G connectivity. We invite you to visit and see the center for yourself.