DIGITAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN (DCD) DCD program trains students in all aspects of visual effects to make them job-ready VFx professional. It gives a thorough grounding in all the fundamentals & techniques of VFx, 3D Projection, matte painting, Matchmoving & Camera tracking and students gets trained in advance tools & techniques used in the Visual Effects industry.

In recent years, the Indian media and entertainment industry has seen a rapid increase in the use of visual effects (‘VFx’) in mediums such as films, television and advertisement. The domestic market is seeing bigger budgets for VFx in films, television shows and advertisements in order to provide an enhanced visual experience to viewers. The writers, producers and directors are increasingly touching upon new genres and stories which are impossible to make without extensive involvement of VFx professionals.Therefor Huge range of career opportunities for students in the high demand industry.

Why DCD?

  • A comprehensive Job Oriented program
  • Industry relevant curriculum
  • Industry Simulated Hands-on Training using latest tools and techniques
  • Laddered learning from basic to advance level
  • Projects at regular intervals
  • Practical application using latest versions of tools / software
  • Specialization & Creating Portfolio in the area of interest
  • Exposure to Industry interaction & workshops

Why To Study With Us

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